Letter from the President

Dear ESPT members,

It was a great pleasure to meet many of you at the 8 Santorini Conference, Oct 3-5, realized under the auspices of ESPT. As a board, we were extremely happy to be able to talk with many of you. This was a very successful meeting with a scientific program that lived up to our expectations! The attendance reached over 140 participants from many different countries. Within the conference, the new for this year was the ESPT workshops, which were a great success. A great word of thanks should be attributed to the excellent organization by Sofia Siest and her INSERM U1122 team, as well as to the organizing bureau Com&Co.

This year’s ESPT General Assembly, on Oct 4th attracted many participants as well, and we are pleased as an ESPT Board that we got the support, input and approval from our members for the ESPT activities as presented by the reports from the president, the treasurer and the divisions. A major point of the General Assembly were the elections, and I am honored to have been chosen formally now as ESPT President. I will do my utmost to further develop and grow the society and to fulfill its projected aims in bringing Personalised Medicine within reach of every individual in Europe. In that respect, I am very happy to welcome two new members to the ESPT Board, being Sanja Stankovic (Belgrade, Serbia) and Csilla Sipeky (Turku, Finland). The ESPT Board greatly values the activities and input from the Nominating Committee for the last two years, as presented by the chair of that committee at the General Assembly, Prof. Urs Meyer. Also the continued support of the Scientific Advisory Board, renewed at this meeting, is greatly valued.

With the time progressing, ESPT is preparing for the next events, such as the educational event of the SIMeP Pharmacogenomics Winterschool in Rome (Nov 28 – Dec 2) and the 4th ESPT Congress, scheduled for Oct. 4 – 7 in Catania (save the date!). Based on the input of the 8th Santorini Conference, additional activities in publication of guidelines, website renewal, special issues of DMPT, grant proposals, workshops and task force formations will be initiated.

Hope to be in contact with you during one of these activities!

Kindest regards,

Prof Dr Ron van Schaik

ESPT President



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The official journal of ESPT is Drug Metabolism and Personalized Therapy(DMPT).
Drug Metabolism and Personalized Therapy provides up-to-date Research Articles, Reviews and Opinion Papers in the wide field of drug metabolism research, covering established, new and potential drugs, environmentally toxic chemicals, the mechanisms by which drugs may interact with each other and with biological systems, and the pharmacological and toxicological consequences of these interactions and drug metabolism and excretion.