In memory of Prof. Gérard Siest

Dear ESPT members,

we are deeply saddened to announce that our president, Professor Gérard Siest, has passed away on Saturday, April 9th 2016.

Dr. Siest was emeritus professor of molecular biology and biochemical pharmacology at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences and former director of the postgraduate course in Biochemical Pharmacology at the University Henri Poincaré in Nancy, France. He was also the founder and head of the clinical laboratory and research group of the “Centre de Médecine Preventive” in Nancy for 37 years (1968-2005).

As an extremely hardworking person Prof. Gérard Siest was well known to the scientific community as author of more than 800 publications in peer reviewed journals and his work was honoured by 27 awards from sixteen different countries. He was strongly involved in activities of many international and european professional societies and editoral boards. He served as President of IFCC (1991-1996). Since 2011, he was dedicated to the foundation of the European Society of Pharmacogenetics and Personalised Therapy (ESPT), which under his inspired leadership has gained worldwide visibility and is currently an important scientific stakeholder in the field of pharmacogenomics and personalised medicine.

Gérard’s sudden death leaves a huge gap in the ESPT community. We will miss him sorely, for many reasons including his tireless enthusiasm, determination and in particular for his visionary leadership to foster implementation of pharmacogenomics into clinical practice.  

The members of the executive board deeply mourn for an outstanding person and send their sincerest condolences to his wife and his family.



Letter from the President

Dear ESPT members,

The beginning of 2016 is very stimulating for ESPT activities, for the president, the board members, the office and the website specialist.

- We have started with new statuts which have been accepted.

- The nomination committee is working hard under Urs Meyer, Chair et Magnus Ingelmann-Sundberg, Co-chair, Michaël Oellerich, Member et Marc Ansari, Member.

We are asking actualy for voting before March 15 for new ESPT members candidates to the board

- Vangelis Manolopoulous, chair of the education and courses division and Sanja Stankovic are preparing the 3rd ESPT summerschool in Belgrade August 22-27 2016. Please join us.

- Join us of course also in the Collegium Biologie Prospective ESPT in Santorini 3 - 5 octobre 2016 (

It's urgent to send abstracts for oral presentations before march 30.

- We will also try to push the creation of more links with our national societies after the creation of the swiss one on February 3 in Bern.

- ESPT will be present at different other events and of course on the EU-PIC ( drived by Ron Van Schaik at the Rotterdam meeting on May 26-27

Finally, don't forget to be in Santorini at our general assembly on october 4 !

Best regards,

Gérard Siest



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