Letter from the President

Dear ESPT Members,

The European Society of Pharmacogenomics and Theranostics (ESPT), created three years ago, is now in the development phase. The fourth General Assembly in Santorini will be an important step with a new strategy involving National Societies and Research Groups. Please try to be with us on Saturday, September 27th 2014 at 12:30 pm.

2013 has been a very important year with two good meetings with a large attendance:

-       ESPT Satellite meeting in Florence: “Pharmacogenomics and Theranostics in practice” – May 24, 2013 - eJIFCC Vol. 24, n. 3-4

-       Second ESPT Conference: “Pharmacogenomics: From Cell to Clinic” – September 26-27-28, 2013- Pharmacogenomics (2014) 15(5), 593-599 – Pharmacogenomics (2014) 15(6), 739-744

 We continue to reinforce our collaboration with other European and International organizations for developing some joint activities. We have particularly been involved in two European projects and programs:

-       Coordinating Action Systems Medicine Implementation of System Medicine across Europe” (CASyM -https://www.casym.eu/)

-       Personalized Medicine 2020 and beyond – Preparing Europe for leading the global way” (PerMed - http://www.permed2020.eu/) -

The beginning of 2014 was dominated by a successful summer school in Rome (9-14 June): "Pharmacogenomics and Other Omics Leading to Personalized Medicine: Established and Emerging Scientific, Clinical and Ethical Aspects" that brings together 45 students who followed an interesting program.

It’s now time for you to take your decision to come to Santorini next September (25-27) and attend our 7th Santorini Conference Biologie Prospective "Systems Medicine, Personalized Health and Therapy"(www.santorini2014.org ). We currently have more than 240 participants coming from 40 countries comprising 50 oral presentations and 75 posters.  2 “young scientist” students have been rewarded and 2 awards will be granted to the best poster. One in the field of “Pharmacogenomics and Cancer” and another one in “Systems Medicine / Environment”.  We are now waiting for the last tardy posters to be posted on the website, soon as possible.

See you in Santorini, I hope!

Best regards,

Gerard Siest


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The European Society of Pharmacogenomics and Theranostics is a non-profit organization. Its aims are to promote education and research in pharmacogenomics and theranotics, to ensure high standards in their application to clinical practice and to facilitate contacts between all persons who share these aims, particularly those working in Europe. The Society will encourage and seek to integrate basic multidisciplinary research approaches and their translation into clinical benefits, and professional and public education in all areas of human pharmacogenetics, clinical pharmacology and laboratory medicine.


3rd ESPT Conference:
Integration of Pharmacogenomics in clinical decision support

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