Letter from the President

Dear ESPT Members,

We are starting the fifth year of ESPT after a stimulating 2014 year:

  • A successful ESPT summer school in Rome (June 9-14): "Pharmacogenomics and Other Omics Leading to Personalized Medicine: Established and Emerging Scientific, Clinical and Ethical Aspects"

  • A very well attended conference in Santorini (September 25-27):  7th Santorini Conference Biologie Prospective "Systems Medicine, Personalized Health and Therapy"

More than these two events, the General Assembly has accepted the new strategy on:

  • National Societies linked to ESPT: 8 are now members and we are in contact with 14 others

  • Research groups: 12 will represented now the heart of our society and some more are ready to join. You will find the description of all of them on the web site: http://www.esptnet.eu/S1091/Research+groups 

  • We have also now 23 Corporate members and 23 liaisons with other European and International organizations.

Globally we are now more than 1000 members!

In 2015, we will continue our development but at a more reasonable speed for consolidating our structure. Our main task will be to create and organize committee’s activities for preparing useful recommendations for our members, the clinicians and the patients (see here).

In 2015, we will largely participate to Euromedlab with two symposia: “Systems Pharmacogenomics” and “IFCC TF-Pharmacogenetics” in Paris on June 24 and to the 12th Congress of EACPT (European Association for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics) in Madrid June 27-30.

We will also have our 3rd ESPT Conference: “Integration of Pharmacogenomics in clinical decision support” in Budapest (October 7-9 - www.esptcongress.eu).

We hope to see you there!!

Best regards,

Gerard Siest



The Society



European Society of Pharmacogenomics and Personalised Therapy
A Scientific Society for Individualised Medicine

3rd ESPT Conference:
Integration of Pharmacogenomics in clinical decision support

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Euromedlab, Paris, 21-25 June, 2015



Corporate Members

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The official journal of ESPT is Drug Metabolism and Personalized Therapy(DMPT).
Drug Metabolism and Personalized Therapy provides up-to-date Research Articles, Reviews and Opinion Papers in the wide field of drug metabolism research, covering established, new and potential drugs, environmentally toxic chemicals, the mechanisms by which drugs may interact with each other and with biological systems, and the pharmacological and toxicological consequences of these interactions and drug metabolism and excretion.