Letter from the President

(April 14, 2017)


Dear ESPT member,
First of all, I would like to thank you for your continued support of the European Society for Pharmacogenomics and Personalized Therapy (ESPT). With this email, I would like to update you on the activities of ESPT, and inform you about interactions with you as members regarding the direction and strategies of our society.
The ESPT Board has been strengthened in October 2016 by Dr .Sanja Stankovic (Belgrade, Serbia) and Csilla Sipeky (Turku, Finland). Sanja took over the general secretariat from Janja Marc, whereas Ingolf Cascorbi (Kiel, Germany) took over the treasurer position from Sofia Siest. Janja Marc has taken over the Educational Division activities from Vangelis Manolopoulos. The Division Scientific Research and Clinical Implementation will be split in two individual Divisions, with Ron van Schaik (NL) leading the Clinical Implementation Division, collaborating with the European Pharmacogenetic Implementation Consortium (www.eu-pic.net)  whereas Marc Ansari (CH) will chair the Research Division.
ESPT has now a new Executive office, located in Milan, giving us the opportunity to professionalize our society as well as having a physical headquarter for meetings.
Address:  ESPT Executive Office, Via Carlo Farini 81, 20159 Milano, Italy
The ESPT society itself will maintain its main registration in France.
As ESPT, have been active in 2017 in setting up and/or extending collaborations with the Finnish National Society for Pharmacogenetics , the Turkish Society for Pharmacogenetics and the Serbian Society for Pharmacogenetics. ESPT has been present at the CPIC meeting in Washington DC (March 15), the ASCPT Annual meeting (Washington DC, March 16-18) and the UK Pharmacogenomics & Stratified Medicine Network Meeting (March 23) in London, UK.
The preparations for the ESPT Annual Meeting 2017 (Oct 4-7) in Catania, Sicily, are in full progress. At this moment, 90% of the invited speakers have confirmed. It is expected that registration will start in 6 weeks. Already, we received a lot of positive reactions to this meeting. Also, the ESPT General Assembly will take place in Catania. More information will follow shortly.
In the next months, ESPT will be present at the QLAC meeting in Belgrade (April 19-21), the Global Genomic Medicine Alliance meeting (Athens, April 27-29) , the WPA Interzonal congress in Vilnius, Lithuania (May 4-6),  the Pharmaceutical World Congress in Stockholm (May 21-24) and the Human Genome Variation Society meeting (Copenhagen, May 26).
Hope this update will give you more insight in the developments ongoing!
Kindest regards,


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